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Professional Grooming for Dogs

Shampoochez offers professional bathing and grooming services. All baths and clips begin with an introduction—a "getting to know your pet" ritual. Our groomers create rapport while examining the pet for growths, skin problems, ear infections or eye irritations.

Our groomers are first rate, just call and make a date (831-427-2284). Please schedule your appointment at least one week in advance. We want you to get the customer service you deserve.

We guarantee our work and take a special, loving interest in your pet.

Grooming Tips

  • If your pet isn't feeling well, reschedule for another day. Your dog will do better when in good health.

  • Please take the time to walk your dog just before he/she is brought in. Your pet will be much more comfortable!

  • Allow ample time at drop-off to give our groomers specific grooming directions!

  • You will be given a pickup time to come back for your pet. Please return promptly so your dog can go home as soon as he/she has been groomed. It is against Shampoochez' policy to keep your pet longer than necessary.